How can we find peace?

I’m sad about the violence and hatred in the world. I agree that the power of love surpasses the power of hate. I’m hoping we can be resilient as a community to release the tension and angst created by violence around us so it doesn’t become our personal ball and chain.

I’m personally affected by trauma and uncertainty and I’m hoping the rest of the world is more resilient than me.

i believe resiliency is developed with self care and wellness.

a few examples of self care that promote resilience are

1) breathing: if we simply breathe in through our nose and out our mouths before and while and after we do something difficult, we will find that our minds remain clear.

2) if we drink 8 ounces of water every 2 hours, our minds will remain clear and we will feel better.

I challenge you to try these 2 simple things for a week and tell me how you feel.